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Make Databricks instances operationally efficient.

Reliably operate your data pipelines, monitor workloads, control costs, and more; no-code, quick start

Benefits for Databricks users

Ensure Data Trust

Ensure reliable data pipelines to deliver complete, fresh, consistent and accurate data from multiple sources.

Scale Innovation

Improve data engineering productivity and scale by understanding the status of clusters and individual jobs at any time.

Stops Runaway Costs & Gain Control

Manage department level usage, implement chargebacks, gain insight into workload costs and eliminate long-running queries that eat up dollars.

Ensure Data Trust: Proactively manage challenges to data reliability and transparency

  • Data Pipeline: Track end-to-end pipeline performance and quality, both inside and outside of Databricks

  • Data Reliability: Flexible, custom and automated DQ monitoring, data reconciliation, schema drift, data drift, and anomaly detection

  • Data Discovery & Profiling: Built-in searchable data catalog for Databricks and beyond

Scale Innovation: Eliminate bottlenecks, prevent incidents & data pipeline failures

  • Predict & Prevent Incidents: Predict future incidents with automated stability tracking. Create fine-grained alerts, notifications, and triggers to external processes to
    accelerate remediation

  • Monitor & Troubleshoot: Track the health of Databricks environments, from a multi-cluster perspective down to individual job executions. Simplify root cause analysis and accelerate mean-time-to-resolution with event correlation, historical comparison, bottleneck analysis, and more

  • Optimize: Maximize efficiency and right-size price/performance with automated configuration recommendations, simulation, data layout analytics and more

Reduce costs and gain control: Databricks costs can be variable and unpredictable

  • Utilization Insight & Guardrails: Cost intelligence dashboards, anomaly detection (spikes, long-running queries, etc.), usage guardrails, access logs, configuration and more

  • Eliminate Waste: Detect overprovisioning, unused resources, and performance inefficiencies

  • Spend Forecasting & FinOps: Contract plan, current and projected spend analysis plus department-level tracking, budgeting, chargebacks and identification of the top 50 most expensive or long running queries

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