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The Acceldata Story

We are on a mission to empower data teams to build and operate great data products.

Revolutionizing Enterprise Data Management with Acceldata's Observability Platform

While building complex enterprise data systems at the world’s largest enterprises, our founders realized that the industry needed to reimagine how to monitor, investigate, remediate and manage the reliability of data pipelines and data infrastructure in a cloud first, AI enriched world.

They founded Acceldata in 2018 to make this a reality and were the first to coin the term “Data Observability''. Ever since we have led this emerging category of Data Observability and built a platform that answers a resounding YES to these critical needs.
Deliver the promise of data quality and reliability at exabyte scale. YES
Bring a real-time, active perspective to data catalogs and governance. YES
Blend the best of on--premises and cloud worlds. YES
Deliver a zero-touch experience in the most complex enterprise environments. YES
Provide real-time AI monitoring with structured, unstructured, and streaming data inputs. YES
Transform data management from storing bytes to weaving these bytes into a business strategy. YES.
We welcome you to try out the world’s most comprehensive All-in-One Enterprise Data Observability platform. After all, seeing and experiencing is believing!

Our leadership team

We developed our expertise in the architecture and operations of complex data systems while founding our own startups and working at established companies like Hortonworks, Zalando, and Adobe. We’ve been significant contributors to Apache Ambari and Apache Zeppelin, and been granted multiple patents in data processing and related technology fields.
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