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The Acceldata Story

We are on a mission to empower data teams to build and operate great data products

While building complex enterprise data systems at several of the world’s largest companies, our founders realized that a new way was needed to monitor, investigate, remediate and manage the reliability of data pipelines and data infrastructure.

They founded Acceldata in 2018 to make this a reality and coined the term “Data Observability''.

Until then, Enterprises were trying to build and manage data products using tools that weren’t designed for the task. Data teams couldn’t see or understand what was happening inside mission-critical analytics and AI applications. They failed to meet reliability, cost, and scale objectives despite investments that often ranged into the tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

Since 2018, we continue to innovate to help data engineering, data quality, data reliability and platform teams succeed in their data journey across cloud-native, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises data systems.  

We have  built the world’s most comprehensive data observability platform, which correlates events across data, processing, and pipelines to transform how organizations build and operate data products.

Acceldata Leadership Team

We developed our expertise in the architecture and operations of complex data systems while founding our own startups and working at established companies like Hortonworks, Zalando, and Adobe. We’ve been significant contributors to Apache Ambari and Apache Zeppelin, and been granted multiple patents in data processing and related technology fields.

Rohit Choudhary

Founder & CEO

Ashwin Rajeev

Co-Founder & CTO

Mike McQuaid

Chief Revenue Officer

Ramon Chen

Chief Product Officer

Mahesh kumar

Chief Marketing officer

Gajanana Hegde

VP of Engineering

Stuart Laidlaw

VP of Global Alliances

Loretta Jones

VP of Growth

Tamir Pokorny

VP Finance and Operations

Raghu Kandikonda

Co-Founder & Sr. Director of Engineering

Gaurav Nagar

Co-Founder & Senior Architect


Acceldata is backed by some of the world's leading enterprise software investors.

Board of Directors

Rohit Choudhary

Founder & CEO

Ashwin Rajeev

Co-Founder & CTO

Dev Khare

Partner, Lightspeed

Ken Elefant

Partner, Sorenson Ventures

George Mathew

Partner, Insight Partners

Rajan Mehra

Partner, March

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