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For Data Executives

Maximize the return on data investments

Acceldata enables data teams to deliver data products faster, with higher quality, and at a lower cost. This allows organizations to accelerate innovation, improve operational efficiency, and reduce risk.

Acceldata empowers data executives to win in the data economy

Maximize the ROI on your data investments by ensuring reliability, removing operational blind spots, and reducing spend. These are typical results achieved by our customers:

Data Operations
Reliability & Trust
Minimize Operational Risk
Fewer Quality &
Performance Incidents
Data Engineering
Insights & Automation
Accelerate Innovation
Improvement in
Data Engineering Productivity
Data Strategy
Spend Intelligence
Maximize Data ROI
Infrastructure Costs

Empower data teams to innovate rapidly by automating data engineering tasks at scale

  • Design: Avoid costly refactoring by ensuring solutions are optimized from the start for performance, quality, and cost. Data engineers can compare metrics for different data sets and technologies to determine the best design.

  • Development & Deployment: Data engineers can automate data reliability by identifying highly-used data assets and data pipelines and applying monitoring at scale for agile rollouts.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Data teams can eliminate bottlenecks and fix data incidents before they become serious issues through continuous data reliability monitoring and proactive identification of root causes.

Ensure a consistent flow of high quality, on-time data, every time by eliminating data blind spots

  • Monitoring: Track data pipeline health with anomaly detection and timeliness monitoring to ensure data incidents are addressed rapidly and data reliability service levels are met.

  • Prediction: Identify data incidents and their root cause to prevent future issues with multi-layer data and trend analysis.

  • Prevention: Use resource utilization analysis and configuration recommendations to make your platforms are always right-sized and meet requirements to prevent data issues.

Maximize the return on data investments by improving resource efficiency & aligning cost to value

  • Best Practices: Use insights and recommendations to implement best practices that establish efficient and performant systems.

  • Identification of Waste: Reduce costs without sacrificing performance by identifying resource inefficiencies and utilizing configuration recommendations.

  • Spend Effectively: Budget owners can confidently plan and optimize spend by analyzing consumption with granular detail and place guardrails to prevent runaway utilization.

What Acceldata customers are saying

Burzin Engineer, Founder & Chief Reliability Officer, PhonePe

Burzin Engineer, Founder & Chief Reliability Officer, PhonePe

"Acceldata supports our hyper-growth and helps us manage one of the world’s largest instant payment systems. PhonePe’s biggest-ever data infrastructure initiative would never have been possible without Acceldata."
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Ashwin Prakash, PubMatic Data Analytics Engineering Leader

Ashwin Prakash, PubMatic Data Analytics Engineering Leader

"Acceldata provided the data observability tools and expertise to improve our data pipeline reliability. They helped us optimize HDFS performance, consolidate Kafka clusters, and reduce cost per ad impression, which is one of the most critical performance metrics.”
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Wanlapa Linlawan, Head of Analytics Platform, True Corporation

Wanlapa Linlawan, Head of Analytics Platform, True Corporation

"Acceldata’s tools fixed our analytics pipeline issues, improved visibility into our data systems, and recommended ways to scale and optimize our systems to meet future requirements. They helped True Corporation transition to open-source technologies, allowing us to reduce licensing costs, while delivering mission-critical analytics across the enterprise.”
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