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Gain insight and control over your Snowflake environment

Maximize the return on your Snowflake investment with insight into performance, quality, cost, and
much more.

Benefits for Snowflake users

Gain Control

Ensure resources are used efficiently and with guardrails to align cost to value

Build Data Trust

Deliver high quality data, on time, every time

Get Best Practices

Monitor and analyze performance & configuration to get the most from Snowflake

Improve resource efficiency & align cost to value

  • Utilization Insight & Guardrails: Cost intelligence dashboards, anomaly detection (spikes, long-running queries, etc.) and usage guardrails

  • Eliminate Waste: Detect overprovisioning, unused resources, and performance inefficiencies

  • Spend Forecasting & FinOps: Contract plan, current and projected spend analysis plus department-level tracking, budgeting, and chargeback

Improve data trust

  • Data Pipeline Observability: Track end-to-end pipeline performance and quality, both inside and
    outside of Snowflake

  • Data Reliability: Flexible, custom and automated DQ monitoring, data reconciliation, schema drift, data drift, and anomaly detection

  • Data Discovery & Profiling: Built-in searchable data catalog

Monitor & Analyze Performance and Configuration

  • Monitoring: Receive notifications and recommendations or trigger external processes for remediation when best practice violations or other concerns arise

  • Performance Analytics & Optimization: Analyze bottlenecks, high spillage, compilation time, heavy scans, data volume, resource allocation, file size, data layout, clustering keys, micro-partitions and more

  • Account Health Monitoring: Ensure Snowflake best practices are implemented regarding security & access, configuration and more

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Improving resource efficiency & align cost to value
Improving data trust
Monitoring & analyzing performance and configuration
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