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Gain Control: Snowflake consumption can be variable and unpredictable

Forecast spend, tune performance, improve data quality and optimize critical data workloads - no coding required

Whether you’re new to Snowflake or an experienced user, data observability helps you:

Stop Runaway Consumption & Gain Control

Ensure resources are used efficiently and with guardrails - eliminate long-running queries that eat up dollars

Ensure Data Trust

Deliver high quality data - outside and inside of Snowflake - delivered on time, every time so you don’t spend credits querying bad data

Tune Performance

Get out-of-the-box alerts, or create custom alerts, to ensure your Snowflake instance is tuned to peak performance and health

Gain Control Snowflake costs consumption can be variable and unpredictable

  • Utilization Insight & Guardrails: Cost intelligence dashboards, anomaly detection (i.e. spikes), usage guardrails, identification of the top 50 most expensive or long running queries

  • Eliminate Waste: Detect overprovisioning, unused resources, and performance inefficiencies

  • Spend Forecasting & FinOps: Contract plan, current and projected spend analysis plus department-level tracking, budgeting, and chargeback

Regain Data Trust: Automate Your Data Quality

  • Data Pipeline Observability: Track end-to-end pipeline performance and data quality, both inside and outside of Snowflake

  • Data Reliability: Flexible, custom and automated DQ monitoring, data reconciliation, schema drift, data drift, and anomaly detection

  • Data Discovery & Profiling: Built-in searchable data catalog

Tune Performance: A Broader Set of Capabilities to Monitor & Analyze the Health of your Snowflake Instance

  • Monitoring: Receive notifications and recommendations or trigger external processes for remediation when best practice violations or other concerns arise

  • Performance Analytics & Optimization: Analyze bottlenecks, high spillage, compilation time, heavy scans, data volume, resource allocation, file size, data layout, clustering keys, micro-partitions and more

  • Account Health Monitoring: Ensure Snowflake best practices are implemented regarding security & access, configuration and more

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