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Acceldata Acquires Bewgle

Acceldata today announces that it has acquired Bewgle to deepen enterprise data observability for AI and to incorporate leading edge AI capability into its product.

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Rohit Choudhary
Founder and CEO, Acceldata

Why Data Observability for AI

Improve Data Quality and Reliability

Continuously monitor data quality through complex pipelines and transformations

Get Notified of Problems Before Model Build

Implement circuit breakers and data reliability triggers before models are built to reduce wasted analytics costs

Monitor Data Lineage & Freshness

Ensure the right data is fed into models, set up business rules to synchronize data from multiple sources

Data Observability for AI

Benefits of Data Observability for AI

Improve Model Performance & Reduce Cost

High quality, fresh data produces better ML models, yielding precise decisions at lower costs

Comply with Regulations

Reduce risk of non-compliance with data lineage and data governance practices

Enhance Trust and Transparency

Objective metrics, reproducible results, and audit trails build trust in your data models and provide transparency

Dan Power
Fmr Business Unit CDO, State Street Global Markets

AI To Power Acceldata
Data Observability Platform

The power of AI can also be leveraged to assist data observability practitioners and products with detecting anomalies, automating decisions, and identifying root causes. Watch our blog for updates on new features and enhancements.

Ganga Kumar
Founder and CEO, Bewgle

About Bewgle

Founded in 2017 by ex Googlers Shantanu Shah and Ganga Kumar, the Bewgle team has over 40 years of combined experience building large scale consumer and enterprise products. Bewgle is a leader in AI, Natural Language Processing, and LLMs.

Bewgle’s customers include well known brands in the retail, wellness, and CPG industries. These customers leveraged Bewgle’s capabilities to deliver solutions such as competitive monitoring, voice of the customer, sentiment analysis, brand promotion, and CDP (Customer Data Platform) initiatives.

Acceldata welcomes the Bewgle team

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