Why data teams need multidimensional data observability

Acceldata’s Multidimensional Data Observability Cloud helps you gain comprehensive visibility into data, processing, and pipelines at any time and point in the data lifecycle.

It helps you understand the state of your data, and the data systems that transform your data so that you can ensure your data supply chain is optimized and reliable at all times.

Five reasons to choose Acceldata

Designed For Data

Designed for data

While traditional application performance monitoring (APM) tools were built to monitor microservices and web applications, Acceldata's Data Observability Cloud was designed specifically for today's complex data systems. APM tools don't provide the visibility that is needed to configure, operate, and optimize today’s complex, interconnected data pipelines.

Acceldata’s Data Observability Cloud correlates events across data, compute, and pipeline layers to help data engineering and ops teams predict and automatically fix issues before they cause unplanned outages, cost overruns, or bad output.


While many vendors tackle a certain aspect of data observability, only Acceldata provides a comprehensive set of tools to help enterprises understand data, compute, and pipeline health.


Acceldata helps enterprise data teams transition from incident resolution to prevention. We help predict, prevent, and resolve issues before they impact performance and costs. With Acceldata, no more dealing with unplanned outages or Sev 1 issues. Enjoy a good night’s rest. You deserve it.


Acceldata simplifies onboarding, tuning, and scaling of new data technologies. Many of our customers have grown operational data volumes by 10x or more since implementing Acceldata.



Acceldata aligns capabilities and costs with business requirements. We help you manage capacity, optimize data processing and reliability, and increase data engineering productivity beyond your wildest dreams. Did someone just mistake you for a hyper-scaler? Get used to it.

Who uses Acceldata's Data Observability Cloud?

Data engineers and SREs

Data engineers and SREs use Acceldata to improve system reliability and performance. We help data teams prevent incidents, manage processes, and increase data team productivity and data
system throughput.

Data scientists

Data scientists use Acceldata to ensure data reliability and quality across algorithms, models, features, and sources.

Data architects, strategists, and executives

Data architects, strategists, and executives rely on Acceldata to align business and data strategies, optimize costs, and increase return on
data investments.

Awards and Mentions

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2021
"Acceldata's visionary solution and a well-experienced leadership team provide the potential to disrupt the traditional data observability market and witness exponential growth for a sustainable future."

-Arjun Mehta, Industry Analyst

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