Why data teams need Acceldata multidimensional data observability

Acceldata’s Multidimensional Data Observability Cloud helps you gain comprehensive visibility into data, processing, and pipelines at any time and point in the data lifecycle. We help make sure your data supply chain is optimized and reliable at all times, regardless of data source, technology, or scale.

Top 10 Reasons Why Customers Choose Acceldata


You are in control of your data

Customer data is strictly the domain of you and your customer. It runs in your environment for your purposes, and for your eyes only.


Start getting recommendations in four days

You’ll receive recommendations within days of installation. This is information you can use to immediately improve business operations so you can reduce operational overhead and save money.  


Use our APIs to integrate with your existing apps

Acceldata can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure with our SDKs and APIs to connect to existing data, processes, pipelines, and applications. Acceldata works where you need it to work.  


Monitor streaming data

Monitoring streaming data allows fast response to data quality issues for near real-time use cases .


Scale and adapt your data environment

Acceldata runs on Spark so it takes advantage of a scalable architecture, supports hybrid environments, and is extensible through vast libraries of functionality.


Automated data quality rule generation

Machine learning capabilities in Acceldata generate 80% of data quality rules automatically. The remaining 20% can be done with our simple point-and-click UI and eliminates low-level data engineering work.


Avoid modernization pitfalls

Platform-agnostic solution enables you to keep supporting investments in legacy and modern big data environments, on-prem, cloud and hybrid.  


No alert overload

Configurable alerts help avoid alert overload and make sure you catch critical alerts like bottlenecks by using fine-grained thresholds and controls.  


Allow data teams to focus on business problems

A recommendation engine that delivers trouble free operations, and means your DevOps resources can focus on business problems, not on problems in the data stack.


Optimize data pipeline performance

We’ll guide you to get more out of your data processing, how to get the best data quality at scale, and how to determine the cost of your data pipelines - all without an increase in your team's resources.

Who uses Acceldata's Data Observability Cloud?

Data engineers and SREs

Data engineers and SREs use Acceldata to improve system reliability and performance. We help data teams prevent incidents, manage processes, and increase data team productivity and data
system throughput.

Data scientists

Data scientists use Acceldata to ensure data reliability and quality across algorithms, models, features, and sources.

Data architects, strategists, and executives

Data architects, strategists, and executives rely on Acceldata to align business and data strategies, optimize costs, and increase return on
data investments.

Awards and Mentions

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2021
"Acceldata's visionary solution and a well-experienced leadership team provide the potential to disrupt the traditional data observability market and witness exponential growth for a sustainable future."

-Arjun Mehta, Industry Analyst

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