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Data observability for Hadoop

For Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) / Cloudera Data Hub (CDH) customers, Acceldata offers a flexible, cost-effective and highly optimized solution that gives you options to remain on premises or migrate to cloud warehouses of your choice.

Maintaining your Hadoop platform by yourself is expensive, time consuming and risky.

As Hadoop ages, organizations are forced to take difficult migration paths:

  • You may have to upgrade multiple times to get to the current supported release.

  • Your data engineers may need to rewrite your application connections or recode your data pipelines – do you even have the resources to do this?

  • You may switch to open sources, but that path can create gaps in support and additional risk.

Acceldata offers ’win-win’ choices that could decrease your costs by 50% or more

Our multi-layered data observability platform offers a cost-effective and highly optimized solution for long-term data platform independence.

Leverage Acceldata to ‘battle harden’ your Hadoop ecosystem, and receive best-in-class white-glove support (bold claim but true — our Hadoop SLAs are the best in the industry!)

Acceldata has you covered

Stay on premises with your current Hadoop release, without the need of Cloudera support
Migrate to the cloud warehouse of your choice and use Acceldata’s insight into application workloads to increase adoption and align cloud warehouse performance,
cost and value
Move to Apache open source confidently and be 100% vendor/distribution independent

Acceldata delivers increased performance, reliability, and cost savings

30 - 40%
Improved Performance

Optimize workloads for 30-40% improved performance.

Save up to 70%

Save up to 70% on support licenses and get improved turnaround times for issue resolution.

Mohammad Solaimun Rasel

VP Platform Planning & Management Department, IT Division at Robi Axiata Limited
"With Cloudera it was taking 3-6 weeks to identify our root cause analysis (RCA). With Acceldata, our RCA has gone from 3-6 weeks to one minute."

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