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Hadoop Observability for Operational Excellence

Acceldata's compute observability empowers you to reach operational excellence within your Hadoop ecosystems. Benefit from heightened stability, scalability, reliability, advanced monitoring, self-healing capabilities, and optimal performance all while reducing TCO and MTTR across diverse distributions.

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Are you facing these challenges?

Optimize ROI in your Hadoop ecosystem

Seeking to minimize HDFS storage needs and boost computational capabilities for applications without expanding current infrastructure?

Efficiently Tackle Hadoop Operational Issues

Seeking to improve root cause analysis for platform issues like service outages, resource conflicts, file problems, and performance issues? Considering advanced alerting and automated self-healing?

Bridge Hadoop Expertise and Automation Gaps

Struggling with a shortage of skilled Hadoop administrators or worried about Hadoop talent retention? Interested in automating routine maintenance tasks within your multi-tenant Hadoop environment?

Streamlining Open Source Hadoop Ecosystem Operations

Concerned about the operationalization of Apache Open-source Hadoop ecosystems and standalone components?

Strategically Plan Cloud Adoption

Need assistance migrating Hadoop workloads to the cloud? Uncertain about workload and dataset selection, as well as effectively planning capacity in the cloud?

Acceldata Data Observability for Hadoop is the answer

End-to-End Visibility for Improved Reliability, Usability & Cost
System Heatlh(CPU, Memory, Network, OS...)
Resource Contention
Capacity Planning
Services Health(HDFS,YARN, Zookeeper,...)
Hybrid, Multi-Cluster & Multi-Support (CHP, CDH, HDP, Apache, Databricks, AWS, EMR..)
Chargeback reports
Scheduling optimisation
Auto-actions, Self-turning/Healing
Job & QueryFingerprinting
Historical Analysis and Trending
Event Correlation
Configuration Recommendations
Bottleneck Analysis
Query Optimisation
Log Analysis
File Metadata (Size,Temperature,.)
Schema Drift Monitoring
Data Drift Monitoring
Data Quality Monitoring
Data Reconciliation
Throughput Monitoring for Streaming Data
Data Redundacy
Data Discovery

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Address all your Hadoop challenges with Acceldata Pulse

Gain end-to-end visibility and harness a fully automated self-healing framework for enhanced stability, performance, and cost optimization.

Infra & Services

Node hot spotting edge nodes inclusive

Capacity Planning

JVM tracker

Resource optimisation

Throughput analysis

Alerting H/W failures

System Telemetry

Centralized Log view


Service level Observability support

Chargeback reporting

Distro-independent along with multi-cluster support including standalone NIFI, SPARK, KAFKA

Advanced alerting

Dashboard Studio Builder

Event or schedule based automated self-healing with Actions


Runtime configuration recommendations using simulation

Query Anomaly detection

Resource wastage and skewness identification for tasks

App Fingerprinting

Benchmarking and heuristic trend

Resource Optimizer

Bottleneck Analysis

Error categorization

Log troubleshooting

User Analytics

Storage & Compute footprinting

Scheduled report on small & unused files

Usage pattern insights

Anomaly on table storage patterns

Top N report on tables/columns usage and efficiency

Partitioning & Bucketing design

Reduce SEV (severity) 1 incidents

Predict and prevent incidents
Achieve a reduction of over 95% in severity 1 incidents.
Optimize performance
Easily detect and eliminate bottlenecks to expedite development and enhance production scalability.
Automated self-healing
Identify recurring issues in real time and proactively resolve them using predefined automated playbooks

Plan & Support

Choose the right plan to get the exact support & service you need.
Pulse Compute Observability + OEM support
Use Case-based training
Support portal access
SLA-based platform support on supported versions of ODP, HDP, CDH & CDP (24x7x365)
Patch/hotfix for specific Apache components on supported stack
Named SRE support

Which solution is right for you?

Open Data Platform

Only need supported version of HDP/CDH
Free, open source license

Acceldata Pulse Enterprise+

Data Observability for Hadoop
Hadoop Support
Supported version of HDP/CDH

Acceldata Pulse Gold

Named SRE Support
Data Observability for Hadoop
Hadoop Support
Supported version of HDP/CDH

Open Data Platform

Only need supported version of HDP/CDH
Free, open source license

Acceldata Pulse Enterprise+

Only need supported version of HDP/CDH
Hadoop Support
Supported version of HDP/CDH

Acceldata Pulse Gold

Only need supported version of HDP/CDH
Data Observability for Hadoop
Hadoop Support
Supported version of HDP/CDH

PhonePe uses Acceldata to scale open-source data platform by 10x

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