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The only Data Observability platform that provides complete
control of enterprise data systems


Provides comprehensive, cross-sectional visibility into complex, interconnected data systems.

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Synthesizes signals across workloads, data quality, infrastructure and security.

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Improves data processing and operational efficiency.

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DATA Quality

Automates end-to-end data quality monitoring for fast-changing, mutable datasets.

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Improve Data Reliability

Increase Performance

Accelerate ROI

Lower TCO

Streamline Operations

Measure what matters, experiment, and
 align data, business strategies

We turn data operations into your competitive advantage.

Acceldata provides a single pane of glass to help predict, identify, and fix data issues.

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Unified Data Observability

Instant Troubleshooting

Fix complete data issues in real-time

Performance Optimization

Manage Analytics stack with integrated visibility

Data Flow Monitoring

Observe business data flow from a single pane of glass

Automated Data Quality

Uncover anomalies across interconnected data pipelines


See How the World’s Most Advanced Enterprises Use Acceldata

  • Single Pane of Glass
  • Truly Hybrid – AWS, MemSQL & Hadoop
  • OLTP & OLAP Performance Management
Wing-to-wing observability is a game changer for Enterprise Analytics and AI. We partnered with Acceldata early in our journey and have had great success. As we re-platformed, Acceldata’s Observability tools provided us with deep insights about our data systems and allowed us to modernize seamlessly.


Diwakar Goel, VP & Chief Data Officer
  • Increases OLTP Infrastructure Efficiency
  • Provides Seamless and reliable data flow
  • Unifies hybrid data cloud governance
Acceldata supports our hyper-growth and helps us manage one of the world’s largest instant payment systems. PhonePe’s biggest-ever data infrastructure initiative would never have been possible without Acceldata.


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Burzin Engineer
Chief Reliability Officer, PhonePe (Walmart)

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