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Why data teams need Acceldata multidimensional data observability

Enterprises with complex data environments have many operational blind spots. Your data team needs a data observability solution that eliminates these blind spots so that the return on
data investment is not eroded by issues with performance, reliability, data quality, and cost.

Acceldata is built to handle complex data environments. It is the only multidimensional data observability platform that gives you deep insight into the performance, reliability and cost of data at scale. We help make sure your data supply chain is optimized and reliable at all times, regardless of data source, technology, or scale.

Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Choose Acceldata


Get comprehensive visibility across all data in the enterprise

Gain insight into data quality, performance, cost and other factors that drive data success.


Ensure your data teams are the ‘the first to know and the first to fix’

Eliminate data ‘blind spots’ and ensure the delivery of high quality data, on time, every time by monitoring for all data risks, including schema drift, data drift, data quality, processing performance & bottlenecks, data movement, and many others.


Move from ‘fire fighting’ to ‘prediction and prevention’

Leverage advanced analytics that go beyond simple monitoring to identify trends and anomalies in data and processing that predict future incidents with the ability to trigger built-in auto-remediation runbooks or call external processes for self-tuning and self-healing.


Certify data sets to increase user confidence in data

Build trust in data with visibility into current and historical metrics of data quality, reliability and performance and the ability to crowdsource and build a data community that can enrich data assets with ratings, tags, descriptions and other annotations.


Improve efficiency, productivity and cost-to-value

Reduce the cost of data operations by automating manual tasks, identifying resource inefficiencies, and gaining insights into utilization and cost to align to business benefits.

Who uses Acceldata's Data Observability Cloud?

Data engineers and SREs

Data engineers and SREs use Acceldata to improve system reliability and performance. We help data teams prevent incidents, manage processes, and increase data team productivity and data
system throughput.

Data scientists

Data scientists use Acceldata to ensure data reliability and quality across algorithms, models, features, and sources.

Data architects, strategists, and executives

Data architects, strategists, and executives rely on Acceldata to align business and data strategies, optimize costs, and increase return on
data investments.

Awards and Mentions

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2021
"Acceldata's visionary solution and a well-experienced leadership team provide the potential to disrupt the traditional data observability market and witness exponential growth for a sustainable future."

-Arjun Mehta, Industry Analyst

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