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Why Acceldata

Top enterprises choose Acceldata Data Observability platform to maximize return on data investments.

Acceldata coined the term "Data Observability" in 2018. Since then, the Acceldata Data Observability platform has been helping enterprise data teams to build and manage data products by solving common data pains such as: 

  • Data and analytics platform scaling and performance issues by identifying operational bottlenecks
  • Cost and resource overruns by providing operational visibility, guardrails, and proactive alerts
  • Data quality and data outages by monitoring data reliability across your data supply chain

Unlike other siloed data technologies that only address one aspect of the data problem (e.g. data quality), the Acceldata Data Observability platform synthesizes signals from multiple layers and is the only multi-layered solution that provides insights into compute, pipelines, reliability, users and spend for the
modern data stack. 

Top reasons why customers choose Acceldata

Enterprise, Multi-layer
Data Observability

Our data observability platform is multi-layered with compute, infrastructure, reliability, pipeline, and users. This gives you deep and actionable insights into the performance, quality, reliability and spend of data at scale.

Any Cloud Along Your Data Journey

Our platform supports your teams along your data journey — cloud-native, self-serve, hybrid  cloud, and multi-cloud. We don't discriminate against the cloud of your choice or the solution you have.

High ROI With Quick Time to Value

Our customers gain performance improvements of 90%+ in a matter of days at large scale. We are maniacally focused on helping our customers succeed, and customer satisfaction is unparalleled.

Data Expertise

We have the best data DNA in the industry. Our entire team, from our founders to engineering, sales, marketing, and customer success, have spent many years in data management, data analytics, machine learning, AI, and cloud, solving complex data problems before we built and rolled out our platform.

Acceldata enables all enterprises to maximize the return on their data investments

Data Practitioners

Data observability empowers data practitioners and site reliability engineers (SREs) with insights to improve data quality, reliability, performance, and efficiency

Data Executives

Acceldata provides insights to align business and data strategy, improve resource efficiency, and increase worker productivity to meet business requirements at a much lower cost

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