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Data reliability

Maximize data quality and eliminate
data outages

Get detailed insights to identify, remediate, and prevent data problems.

Maximize data roiAccelerate innovationMinimize operational risk
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Benefits Delivered by Acceldata

Increase Data Trust

Deliver high quality data that business teams will trust to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Meet SLAs/SLOs

Ensure that data gets to business teams reliably and on-time to benefit operational effectiveness.

Let Data Engineering Innovate

Free your data engineers from data incident firefighting and allow them to innovate and create new data products.

Gain insights into your data and data pipelines

  • End-to-end visibility: Gain insights into your data assets and pipelines from start to finish to ensure data gets delivered properly and on-time.

  • Multi-layer data: Identify and monitor the breadth and depth of insights about assets and pipelines in your data stack.

  • Covers all your data: Get visibility into all your data: data-at-rest, data-in-motion, and data-for-consumption.

Increase data quality and timeliness  

  • Know why, not just when: Debug data delays at their root by correlating data and compute spikes.

  • Discover the true cost of bad data: Pinpoint the money wasted computing on unreliable data.

  • Pinpoint the root cause with data lineage: Trace transformation failures and data inaccuracy across tables and columns.

Identify data incidents and rapidly fix them

  • Shift-left problem isolation: Detect problems at the beginning of data pipelines to isolate them before they hit the warehouse and affect downstream analytics.

  • Drill-down: Apply multi-layer data to identify the root cause of incidents and take corrective actions.

  • Data reconciliation: Automated policies for data reconciliation to ensure data is properly in-sync across different data sources.

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