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Data reliability

Maximize data quality and eliminate data outages

Get detailed insights to identify, remediate, and prevent data problems.

Gain insights into your data and data pipelines

  • End-to-end visibility: Gain insights into your data assets and pipelines from start to finish to ensure data gets delivered properly and on-time.

  • Multi-layer data: Identify and monitor the breadth and depth of insights about assets and pipelines in your data stack.

  • Covers all your data: Get visibility into all your data: data-at-rest, data-in-motion, and data-for-consumption.

Increase data quality and timeliness  

  • Know why, not just when: Debug data delays at their root by correlating data and compute spikes.

  • Discover the true cost of bad data: Pinpoint the money wasted computing on unreliable data.

  • Pinpoint the root cause with data lineage: Trace transformation failures and data inaccuracy across tables and columns.

Identify data incidents and rapidly fix them

  • Shift-left problem isolation: Detect problems at the beginning of data pipelines to isolate them before they hit the warehouse and affect downstream analytics.

  • Drill-down: Apply multi-layer data to identify the root cause of incidents and take corrective actions.

  • Data reconciliation: Automated policies for data reconciliation to ensure data is properly in-sync across different data sources.

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