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Shift Left Data Quality Eliminate Data Outages

Get comprehensive insights into your data stack. Improve data quality, pipeline reliability, platform performance, and provide trusted data.

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Your Environment

Why Go All-In?

Complex enterprises demand comprehensive solutions.  If your enterprise looks like this, then Acceldata Enterprise Data Observability is the only choice today!

All Data Formats

All data types including structured, unstructured, and streaming data.

All Data Aspects

Quality, freshness, drift, operational parameters, cost, and others.

All Data Stages

Data at rest, data in motion and data for consumption.

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Monitor Your Pipelines

View your data pipeline flow at every step and pinpoint pipeline failures at a deep and specific level.
Data in your pipeline
Detect and remediate failures due to schema changes, quality errors, missing data, inconsistent data, and data source changes.
Pipeline Operations
Identify and alert on infrastructure failures, volume spikes, dependency failures, timeouts and other errors
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PhonePe uses Acceldata to scale open-source data platform by 10x

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