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Data Performance Monitoring

Improve data processing reliability, scale, and cost.

Data Observability for Performance
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Eliminate unplanned outages

Transition from incident resolution to prediction and prevention. Pulse customers eliminate all sev 1 issue and unplanned outages for six months and running.

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Scale in a single click

Automatically analyze workloads to optimize configurations and settings. Expedite experimentation, testing, and implementation to stand up new technologies quickly.

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Save Millions of Dollars Annually

Reduce costs by offloading unnecessary, over-provisioned software and align infrastructure costs with business requirements.

Pulse's single-pane-of-glass UI helps teams monitor and correlate data events across application, data, and infrastructure layers. It automates alerts, anomaly detection, and workflows to ensure data pipeline performance, security, and reliability.

Predict and prevent incidents before they occur

  • Predict: Proactively identify future trouble-spots
  • Prevent: Automate preventive maintenance, performance tuning, and alerts.
  • Resolve: Accelerate root cause analysis by correlating events, such as resource contention, environmental health, and historical comparisons.
Predict and prevent incidents

Accelerate data consumption

  • Optimize query and algorithm performance : Identify bottlenecks, excess overhead, and execution plans to optimize code and queries
  • Recommendations : Use customized guidance for deployment configurations, data distribution, and more
  • Simulation : Align deployment configurations to use cases, conserve resources, meet SLAs, maximize performance, and avoid overallocation
Accelerate data consumption

Optimize capacity, data processing, and data engineering

  • Optimize Capacity : Support planning, chargebacks, hybrid cloud strategy, and scheduling
  • Optimize Data Processing : Easily identify optimization targets across large, complex environments
  • Optimize Data Engineering : Improve data engineering productivity with deep visibility into data usage and hotspots
Optimize capacity

Pulse integrates with your most critical data systems

PhonePe scales open-source data platform by 13x, saves $5m+/year

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Acceldata supports our hyper-growth and helps us manage one of the world’s largest instant payment systems. PhonePe’s biggest-ever data infrastructure initiative would never have been possible without Acceldata.

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Burzin Engineer

Founder & Chief Reliability Officer, PhonePe

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