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Maximize data reliability for all your AWS data platforms

Apply detailed insights to identify, resolve, and prevent data incidents.

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How Acceldata benefits AWS users

Acceldata delivers data health and operational insights with ML-driven automation to help maximize your data investments with predictable costs. Data teams use Acceldata to operationalize data reliability and optimize data platform performance.

Gain Data Insights

Get end-to-end, detailed insights into the reliability of your data in AWS environments

Build Data Trust

Maintain high-quality data across all your AWS data platforms

Scale Data Reliability

Build, at scale, data reliability coverage in an agile manner

Identify and rapidly fix critical data incidents

Shift-left problem isolation
Detect problems at the beginning of data pipelines in sources or S3 files to isolate them before they hit the warehouse and affect downstream analytics.
Apply multi-layer data to identify the root cause of incidents and take corrective actions.
Pinpoint the root cause with data lineage
Trace transformation failures and data inaccuracy across data sources, tables, and columns.

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