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Maximize your data ROI. Control total cost of data.

Use your cloud and on-prem resources optimally, eliminate cost surprises and overruns.

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Enhance efficiency in fine-tuning, support, and maintenance tasks


Wastage due to runaway consumption and spikes


Why and who caused cost overruns with 65% faster MTTR


Data and compute budgets with 97% predictive accuracy

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Continuously x-ray your data cloud usage and optimize ROI with sharp recommendations

For Platform teams

Operational health checks to improve Data Ops & infrastructure

Reduce spend by maximizing infrastructure and resource utilization with continuous, automated, real-time monitoring and optimization of workloads, pipelines, users and queries.
Stretch your cloud account credits by avoiding runaway consumption with automated guardrails and codified best practices.
Reduce performance-related incidents by 75% and time spent on finetuning, support and maintenance with continuously-ON monitoring, RCA, remediation, recommendations and alerts.
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PhonePe uses Acceldata to scale open-source data platform by 10x

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