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Maintain optimized and performant data platforms

Use data observability to optimize data health and data platform operations.

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Use operational insights to ensure optimal, non-disruptive deployments

Identify Gaps
Identify workload and data cadence gaps using multi-layer insights so you can design future configurations for high quality and performance at the lowest cost.
Continuously monitor resource utilization with bottleneck analysis, configuration recommendations, and a simulator to ensure performance is meeting requirements.
On-going Insights
Use real-time alerts to identify issues and leverage insights and recommendations to adjust configurations on demand.

Identify and prevent data platform incidents with comprehensive monitoring, insights, and recommendations

Track the health of your data platform, get real-time incident alerts, and simplify root cause analysis with multi-layer data.
Spot early warning signs of future incidents with trend analysis, allowing adjustments to be made before service levels are impacted.
Use built-in configuration recommendations and simulations to right-size deployments for current and future workloads based on performance and cost.

PhonePe uses Acceldata to scale open-source data platform by 10x

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