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Ensure Continuous Compliance and Mitigate Risks

With Acceldata, your data products are delivered faster, with higher quality, at a lower cost, and in adherence to policies and regulations that govern your organization.

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Eliminate data blind spots that can create risk and cause data compliance issues

Track data health with anomaly detection and alerts to ensure data incidents are immediately identified to maintain data-level compliance and reduce risk.
Spot early warning signs of future incidents with trend analysis, allowing adjustments to be made before issues impact downstream data and create risk.
Prevent data issues with resource analysis, recommendations, and simulations to ensure platforms are always right-sized to meet requirements at the lowest cost.

Maintain regulatory compliance by ensuring that your entire data landscape adheres to policies, regulations, and best practices

Best Practices:
Ensure best practices are in place with cost intelligence, anomaly detection, and other data environment measurements to ensure platforms are efficient, performant, and used properly.
Cost and Performance Optimization:
Reduce costs without sacrificing performance by identifying resource inefficiencies and using automated configuration recommendations.
Policy Compliance and Guardrails:
Use spend intelligence to efficiently plan and optimize costs by analyzing consumption in detail, monitoring usage, and placing guardrails to prevent runaway consumption.

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