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For Data Engineers

Solve data issues quickly

Solve data issues quickly with comprehensive visibility into data, processing, and pipelines at any time and point in the data lifecycle.

Beat SLAs, Minimize Costs

Data consumers need more data faster than ever. Any interruption undermines trust. Data observability helps data engineering teams build and maintain high-performance, bulletproof data pipelines with deep visibility into every corner of extended infrastructure. Beat SLAs, prevent outages, and stay under budget.

Streamline Data Infrastructure and Operations

Today’s data environments can be complicated patchworks of on-premises and cloud, data at rest and in motion, batch and real-time data, pieced together to support analytics, machine learning (ML), and personalized customer experience pipelines. Manage it all without working nights and weekends.

Acceldata’s unified platform provides end-to-end visibility into every data repository and pipeline. Make data consolidation and migration smooth and error-free. Reduce daily firefighting with trending analysis and automated actions that predict and prevent problems before they occur.

Identify Root Cause Quickly and Accurately

Modern data architectures are a complex mix of on-premises and cloud services. Identifying and isolating issues is more challenging than ever. Without the right level of visibility, it’s impossible to detect data-related issues that can impact the business.

Multidimensional data observability helps isolate root cause and fix problems fast. Customers such as PhonePe and TrueDigital completely eliminated unplanned outages and Sev 1 issues for more than a year after deploying Acceldata.

Keep Data Accessible and Reliable

In a data-driven era, high data quality is mission critical. Keep data flowing, reliable, and easy to discover with multidimensional data observability. Detect and reverse data drift before it impacts performance.

Identify and eliminate redundant data pipelines. Control storage and processing costs. Minimize angry emails from data scientists and executives. Be a data hero, not a data zero.

Improve Data Quality with Automation

Today’s data is dynamic and changes every time it’s transferred, combined, and transformed. One-time cataloging at ingestion no longer suffices. Data must be continually discovered, profiled, and analyzed for quality, lineage, and compliance.

Data observability delivers automated, continuous updates on data health and recommendations for improving data quality with a single click.

What Acceldata customers are saying

Ashwin Prakash

PubMatic Data Analytics Engineering Leader

PubMatic optimizes performance and cost at massive scale

"Acceldata provided the data observability tools and expertise to improve our data pipeline reliability. They helped us optimize HDFS performance, consolidate Kafka clusters, and reduce cost per ad impression, which is one of the most critical performance metrics.”

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Burzin Engineer - Founder of PhonePe

Burzin Engineer

Founder & Chief Reliability Officer, PhonePe

PhonePe scales open-source data platform by 13x, saves $5m+/year

"Acceldata supports our hyper-growth and helps us manage one of the world’s largest instant payment systems. PhonePe’s biggest-ever data infrastructure initiative would never have been possible without Acceldata."

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Wanlapa Linlawan, True Digital Analytics Platform Head

Wanlapa Linlawan

Head of Analytics Platform,
True Corporation

True Digital scales open-source platform and reduces costs by $2M+

"Acceldata’s tools fixed our analytics pipeline issues, improved visibility into our data systems, and recommended ways to scale and optimize our systems to meet future requirements. They helped True Digital transition to open-source technologies, allowing us to reduce licensing costs, while delivering mission-critical analytics across the enterprise.”

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