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Data Observability

Gartner “Innovation Insight Report” Validates Acceldata’s Data Observability Solution

August 21, 2023
10 Min Read

Data volume and complexity have grown exponentially in the past five years, while data engineering talent continues to lag behind the current levels of demand. Enterprise data teams today spend a disproportionate amount of time resolving urgent data issues and recognize the imminent need for Data Observability. At Acceldata, we have had the privilege to work with data teams of the largest companies in the world, with a front row view of their data challenges. We observe petabytes of data for these enterprises and provide the much needed multi-dimensional visibility to the data teams that operate complex, mission-critical data products.  

According to Gartner, Acceldata has established itself as the most comprehensive provider in the evolving category of Data Observability. In their latest report, “Gartner® Innovation Insight: Data Observability Enables Proactive Data Quality,” Gartner confirms that Acceldata’s shift-left data observability enables enterprises to address issues with their data and data pipelines before they affect critical data products. 

In fact, Acceldata’s definition of data observability aligns with Gartner’s, which they describe as:  

Put simply - Data Observability provides robust, integrated visibility over data and data landscapes to alert data teams to data reliability, infrastructure, pipeline, operational and cost issues therein, and enables them to take action and remediate these issues before they multiply, and prevent future occurrences. 

Acceldata Data Observability Platform
Acceldata Data Observability Platform

The Acceldata Data Observability Platform maximizes data reliability, eliminates operational blindspots, and aligns cost to value for an organization’s data landscape. With data reliability, operational intelligence, and spend intelligence capabilities, Acceldata provides a single pane of glass with comprehensive insights into all five dimensions of data observability, which include: 

  1. The data itself: Acceldata’s “shift-left” data reliability continuously identifies, remediates, and prevents data problems before the data enters the data supply chain and affects downstream consumption and analytics. Data at-rest, in-motion, and in-consumption is continuously evaluated against reusable business rules, and alerts are sent so the issues can be remediated immediately. 
  2. Data pipelines: Acceldata proactively provides the breadth and depth of insights about data assets and pipelines across the entire data stack, and provides a detailed and granular “why”, “when” and “who” root-cause analysis behind data reliability issues, operational and pipeline issues, data spend and resource underutilization and cost overruns. Proactive incident management helps remediate broken pipelines or incomplete/failed jobs to ensure smooth and continuous flow of data.
  3. Data infrastructure and compute: Acceldata helps enterprises ensure that their compute, capacity, resources, workloads, warehouses, clusters, and tables, data partitions, clustering/indexing, are utilized optimally. Alerts and incident management capabilities ensure that unoptimized resources and wastage is taken care of immediately. 
  4. Data users: Acceldata empowers data users by providing actionable insights, timely alerts and notifications via multiple channels in the flow of work, intelligent recommendations, admin automation, feature usage tracking, workload optimization, and user-level query usage. These benefits collectively enhance data reliability, operational efficiency, and cost optimization, allowing data teams to dedicate more energy to their primary business goals.
  5. Data spend optimization and cost allocations: FinOps/CoE teams get granular insights into spend and operational intelligence, including cost allocations, budget and contract tracking, chargebacks and forecasting. With the Acceldata platform, these teams can easily get insights into the underlying costs associated with each dataset, warehouse, cluster, and user. Enterprises gain predictability into their spend, capacity and budget planning, and get financial and operational control for spend optimization.
Data Observability

Gartner provides their own perspective on what is necessary for a complete data observability solution, and this aligns with Acceldata’s vision. As you can see, they outline five “observations'' that a complete Data Observability solution should help customers with:

The Data Observability Landscape (source: Gartner)
The Data Observability Landscape (source: Gartner)

Besides these comprehensive, actionable insights, the Acceldata platform also goes a step further and helps enterprises achieve the ultimate end goal of not just resolving but preventing data reliability, operational, and cost issues in their data landscapes. 

The Acceldata solution enables enterprises to monitor and detect data reliability, operational, and spend issues across the data supply chain, and also alerts the appropriate stakeholders and owners so that the issues can be remediated before they cause further damage. Additionally, Acceldata provides recommendations, which customers can use to resolve and prevent future occurrences.

4 Critical Features of Data Observability (source: Gartner)
4 Critical Features of Data Observability (source: Gartner)

Gartner provides a hierarchy of Data Observability elements in their "Four Critical Features of Data Observability." Acceldata helps customers with these "must-haves" of data observability (monitoring, detecting, alerting, and troubleshooting), but also provides the differentiating advantage of providing recommendation solutions to their issues and help our customers reach the ultimate end goal"of resolving and prevent future occurrences.

Acceldata Customer Success
Acceldata Customer Success

Acceldata, the market leader in Data Observability, is providing complimentary access to the 2023 Gartner report to help you identify opportunities that could benefit from data observability.

Photo by Sean Pollock on Unsplash

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