How Acceldata Reduced RCA From Six Weeks to One Minute for Robi Axiata

Acceldata customer, Robi Axiata, is the one of the largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh. With revenue close to $1 billion, and almost 50 million members, Robi Axiata has become one of the most important telecommunications providers in Asia. 

The company operates a large, complex analytics environment, which runs on a six petabyte data warehouse for insights into realtime customer events. With this level of data being used, the company was experienced long lags (usually between 3 - 6 weeks) in root cause analysis discovery. They used Cloudera to pinpoint issues but found they were unable to identify them with precision, and the processes couldn’t scale.

Robi Axiata is now running Acceldata in parallel with Cloudera and finding that Acceldata’s precision in identifying issues and alerting on them is enabling the company to move faster to resolve issues and maintain data quality. At this point, Acceldata has helped Robi Axiata reduce root cause analysis from 3-6 weeks to one minute.

Learn more in this video with the company’s VP of Platform Planning and Management, Mohammad Solaimun Rasel. 

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash