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Data Observability

Why Data Observability is a Data Team’s Best Friend

August 23, 2023
10 Min Read

At the 2023 Snowflake Summit, Henry Tram, an Acceldata Solutions Engineer, explained the pivotal role played by Acceldata's Data Observability Platform in enabling enterprises to develop and manage dependable and efficient data products. 

In this video interview with Ryan Green at Data Cloud Now, Tram emphasized the key elements of the platform and how it aligns to the most important use cases faced by enterprise data teams. These include:

  • Data reliability: how do we know we can trust our data and ensure quality and accuracy throughout the data journey in pipelines?
  • Spend intelligence: how can data teams align business outcomes to data consumption in a way that ensures proper spend as data needs require scaling up and down. What are the most effective ways to apply chargeback rules and allocate costs at departmental levels within an organization?
  • Operational intelligence: as data moves through ingestion to curation to consumption, and being used in various ways, how can data teams manage risk? How can data teams eliminate 3AM emergency calls that require immediate fixes?

Tram explains these three elements of data observability as it relates to the day-to-day management of modern data teams, and provides a detailed tour of the platform with drill-downs into each of the three aspects of data observability. Check out the video to get an in-depth view of how data teams can use the Acceldata Data Observability Platform as their data control center. 

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