What is a Digital Transformation Platform?

September 7, 2022

What is a Digital Transformation Platform?

One of the most common objectives of modern organizations is to achieve “digital transformation” with data. What is digital transformation? Generally, it refers to the practice of integrating digital technology into all your business processes. The idea is to gain a competitive edge by relying on smart solutions such as big data analytics and cloud-based systems. It’s all about leveraging the immense power of data to optimize your business. The process is gradual, and various organizations are at various stages along the journey. The key way to achieve digital transformation efficiently is to rely on an effective digital transformation platform.

What is a digital transformation platform? Digital platforms are centralized systems designed to help businesses improve their processes with the power of data, especially data pipelines and other aspects of data operations. At the heart of these platforms is often some form of data pipeline architecture that supports automation and optimization to core business activities. These platforms may include one tool or be a collection of tools that work together to allow you to analyze your operations and identify areas of improvement. Using the top digital platforms, organizations are able to deliver better experiences to customers and stay ahead of the competition. There are several digital platforms examples out there that effectively demonstrate just how broad of a software category this is. Most of the examples you’ll find will fall into one of the four main categories of digital transformation:

  1. Process Transformation
  2. Business Model Transformation
  3. Domain Transformation
  4. Cultural Transformation

There are some digital platforms for marketing, for example, that can provide process transformation of your marketing channels through automation and analytics. Business model transformation refers to fundamentally changing the way your organization does business, thanks to new technology adoption. Mobile digital platforms that enable you to build a mobile presence or app are great examples of the domain transformation category because they allow you to add a new domain of service for your customers. Finally, cultural transformation refers to training your employees to embrace the digital tools that can make their lives easier.

Digital Transformation Tools

Now that we’ve outlined the overall categories of digital transformation tools, we can explore some more specific digital tool examples. There are several different business transformation tools, and techniques organizations use to support their overall digital transformation vision. The best digitalization tools are analytics generators capable of analyzing data from thousands of different sources and delivering impactful analytics and intelligence throughout the organization. This data can then be used to build new projects and improve current operations. Some other digital tools are designed to support greater collaboration, and others focus on digitizing specific processes such as your recruitment or your payroll management. All of these tools together are what support your overall digital transformation framework. However, there is one often overlooked digital transformation software that is crucial to supporting all of these other objectives – data observability. With the complex data pipelines going to and from these digital transformation tools, it’s crucial that you have total visibility and control over your data. It’s not enough to merely set up alerts and warning signals in key spots, which may miss the real problem. Imagine the problems that could occur with a patient if the doctor only monitored the heart rate and didn’t even make a physical examination? Similarly, you cannot trust that your data is secure and reliable without comprehensive visibility into every part of the pipeline. This can allow you to eliminate the bottlenecks and truly accelerate your digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Applications

As more and more companies begin to embrace the digital revolution, a greater number of digital transformation applications have come onto the market. These include accounting software and business intelligence software, and cloud storage applications. If you are a business looking for assistance in the process, hiring a digital transformation company may be a great place to start. They’ll have the experience and tools your organization needs to complete digital transformation. Exploring thought leadership in this space is another great way to learn more about what digital transformation is and why it is so important. Reading a digital transformation book can give you the foundational principles you need to build a framework of tools that will help your business succeed. Furthermore, some of the most prestigious organizations in the world offer a digital transformation certification that can help you learn even more about the fundamentals of this space. Finally, looking at the digital transformation Mckinsey insights blog is a way to tap into some of the best information you can find on all these topics. Here at Acceldata, we also offer a digital transformation PDF that shows you how data observability is a crucial element of any successful digital transformation project.

Digital Transformation Examples

There are many digital transformation examples out there that demonstrate how important it is to embrace the digital revolution before your competitors do. There are still many processes that businesses continue to perform manually that could be automated or greatly optimized with the use of digital technologies and data analytics. This results in thousands of dollars lost that businesses just cannot afford to lose. When looking at B2B digital transformation examples, it’s important to remember that the needs of every business are unique, and what works well for one organization may not work well for yours. Nonetheless, by studying digital transformation examples in companies of all sizes and industries, you can get inspiration that can help guide your next steps. Whether you are looking for digital transformation examples in banking or digital transformation examples in manufacturing, the best will show the importance of multidimensional data observability. Simply put, building a solid digital transformation strategy is often difficult. It doesn’t make sense to make the entire project harder by putting on a blindfold and trying to make guesses when it comes to your data. Acceldata is a solution that can help you get complete visibility and control over your data so that you can drive your business forward and take full advantage of digital transformation.

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