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It's 2023: Modernize Your Data Platform

The amount of data generated daily is estimated to be in excess of 3 quintillion bytes. The majority of the global traffic is mobile and IDC estimates that 50% of all data will be in the cloud by 2025.  

Legacy data platforms are simply unable to manage the volume of data and provide the analytics and business insights to help build and manage data products.  To remain competitive, enterprises, must modernize their legacy data platforms.

Join Girish Bhat, SVP Marketing and Ram Prasad, Solution Engineer, for this informative webinar to learn how Acceldata's data observability platform helps you modernize your data platform away from Hadoop/proprietary Cloudera ecosystem to an open source platform or to Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift.

The session will cover how data observability addresses key modernization challenges such as:

  • De-risking data platform migrations with data reconciliation and pipeline performance comparison, both pre- and post-migration
  • Accelerating migration initiatives by automating and simplifying many aspects of validation and troubleshooting data and performance issues
  • Optimizing for cost by analyzing resource consumption to avoid unexpected overruns and determine optimal workload placement

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