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Webinar: Data Reliability is More Than Data Quality

Want to maximize your Snowflake and Databricks investment?

Acceldata is the only data observability solution that delivers actionable insights and proactive notifications to improve spend forecasting and data reliability, and reduce wasteful practices (like over provisioning) in Databricks and Snowflake.

Join Tristan Spaulding, Head of Product, as he reveals how data observability successfully addresses the challenges of cloud data platforms. You’ll see a product demo and learn how Acceldata’s data observability cloud solution delivers insight into:

  • Spend Intelligence and cost intelligence dashboards
  • Spend forecasting, projected spend analysis, department-level tracking and chargebacks
  • Overprovisioning, unused resources & warehouse load
  • Simulations of data layout analytics and more
  • Root cause analysis, historical comparison, bottleneck analysis, and more…

Watch the webinar now to learn more.

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