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Data Engineering

The Snowflake Ecosystem Says “Yes” to Greater Control and Insight

June 24, 2022
10 Min Read

Acceldata’s vision of Data Observability is about providing comprehensive visibility and insight to improve the performance, quality, reliability, and cost of data for all data platforms. In the spirit of furthering that goal, we celebrated a significant milestone with the integration of the Acceldata platform with Snowflake. Snowflake is one of the most important and widely respected data ecosystems that is used by many of the world’s leading brands, especially those with particularly complex and robust data environments.

During the Snowflake Summit last week we introduced this new offering – the Acceldata Data Observability Cloud for Snowflake – to the entire Snowflake community. We met with Chief Data Officers (CDOs), data engineers, data scientists, data architects, SREs, and a host of other data team members who were eager to learn how we can help them maximize the return on their Snowflake investment with insight into performance, quality, and cost of their Snowflake environments. 

The Acceldata team showed Summit attendees how to gain control and insight into their Snowflake environment, and in the process, maximize the incredible operational benefits that are derived from using Snowflake effectively. 

The response was overwhelmingly positive as we demonstrated how our solution aligns cost to value and performance and delivers a 360-degree view of an enterprise’s data, all while automating data reliability and administration.

Acceldata’s Tristan Spaulding (Head of Product) and Jerome Lintz (Global Account Executive) also hosted a standing-room-only session - Data Observability for Snowflake: Align Cost to Value and Performance. They explained that the continuously exploding supply of data being acquired and used by enterprises demands that they keep vigilant and always-on watch over their data and the pipelines. That said, many organizations still have issues with data quality and reliability, so Tristan and Jerome walked the session attendees through Acceldata’s multidimensional data observability approach and explained how it delivers visibility into the health of data pipelines and improves data reliability. 

Acceldata is looking forward to helping all enterprises that use Snowflake increase their Snowflake ROI with data quality and resource efficiency, and we invite you to learn how data observability can make the move to Snowflake easier and optimize your cloud costs, and how to automate and optimize Snowflake with compute observability. 

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