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Latest Version of Acceldata Torch 1.2.0 is Now Available

Acceldata Torch is a comprehensive, multidimensional data quality solution for data lakes and data warehouses. Our latest version comes with a variety of improvements that provide the following:

  • Automates data quality and reliability at scale across the entire data pipeline, from ingestion to consumption.
  • Eliminates downtime: Monitor enterprise data across data lakes, warehouses, and other repositories to eliminate issues that impact reliability.
  • Scales workloads: Ensure availability for mission-critical data and workloads.
  • Automates validation: Classify, catalog, and manage business rules for data at rest and data in motion.
  • Automates taxonomy of sensitive and related data assets.
  • Reconciles data in motion and during cloud migrations.
  • Detects schema and data drift to improve dynamic data handling and ML and AI accuracy.
  • Automates anomaly detection to identify and put context to quality issues.
  • Automates data discovery, exploration, and validation.
  • Identifies and validates data quickly at scale.

Here are the key artifacts to help you understand how to use Torch 1.2.0, and the release enhancements are listed below:

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