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Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2022: 3 Takeaways From Acceldata

August 31, 2022
10 Min Read

It was great to be back at an intellectually stimulating event last week, and it was even more surprising to discover that its focus was data observability.

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2022 in Orlando (FL) was the biggest vendor-neutral data conference of the year, and the numbers speak for themselves. The event saw over 4,000 data practitioners in attendance, spread over three days. Gartner analysts, industry experts and business leaders from diverse backgrounds spoke about a wide range of data trends, analytics solutions and much more. A majority of the sessions were packed to the brim,  and the exhibit hall conversations were lively to say the least!

Acceldata was an active participant during the summit, and we couldn’t be more happier with the outcome. So, thank you Gartner!  

We had great conversations with Chief Data Officers, Data Platform Leaders, Data Engineers and Analytics Leaders from across a myriad of industries and sectors. The topics of discussion varied as we spoke about how quality data and managed pipelines become direct drivers for enterprise success. We learnt how businesses are doing their best to leverage data and gained more insights into why 'data' needs to be at the crux of all business decisions.

Another important highlight from the summit was our very own Acceldata CEO, Rohit Choudhary, who delivered an interactive 20 minute session on how to “Build and Operate Great Data Products using Data Observability”. The presentation covered how current methods of building data and analytics products require a redo, and how Data Observability helps. 

Image: Rohit’s session at the Summit. Rohit can be seen on the right, center stage.

There was also a lot of activity at our booth during the summit. Our data observability product experts were quite busy as they gave live demos of our solutions, and discussed how data teams can adopt “Data Observability” for their Data Quality, FinOps Governance and Data Infrastructure Monitoring use cases. The team also explored how our solutions could be deployed for unique business requirements and various niche segments of their market.

Our 3 Main Takeaways: Key Trends From the Summit

Gartner analysts covered a plethora of topics such as innovation, ethics, AI, skill-gaps, governance, data quality, risk, automation and a whole lot more. From our view, three themes emerged as the main focal points of the summit.

Businesses demand configurable data and analytics environments, i.e., hybrid and multi-cloud options with cloud as the platform of choice

Acceldata’s view: This also happens to be our stand since we started-up four years ago. Our solutions, which have been deployed across diverse enterprises like Pubmatic, PhonePe and others, are easy to configure and can be seamlessly integrated across the entire data ecosystem.  The timing couldn’t have been more poetic because  we announced the general availability of the Acceldata Data Observability platform, which augments our existing solution and supports our customer’s choice of cloud. I.e., cloud-native, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and self-serve cloud. 

Data and analytics drive, enable and unleash innovation

Acceldata’s view: At Acceldata, we firmly believe that this statement ought to become our industry’s gospel. Data and analytics solutions such as data observability help foster innovation, improved efficiencies and product evolution, which in turn empowers companies to build and operate great data products.

Emergence of Data Observability as a key solution

Acceldata’s view: We welcomed (and relished) the emergence of data observability as a key category during the Snowflake and Databricks summits earlier this year. With data observability as a key theme of the Gartner summit as well, it was clear that our market, and the Acceldata approach, have been validated.

Unlike previous events, the Global 5000 companies we engaged with at the Gartner summit were quite familiar with the niche vs Enterprise data observability approach, and wanted to understand how they can replace their data quality tools and  niche data management tools with Acceldata’s Data Observability platform.

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