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How to Create Data Quality Rules Faster with Acceldata Torch

April 19, 2022
10 Min Read

Bad data leads to bad decision-making.

That’s why data quality is essential for succeeding with data. To ensure quality, modern companies typically rely on data quality policies and rules for predicting, preventing, and resolving issues as soon as possible. Without the right toolset, however, configuring and managing data quality policies and rules can be time-consuming and mentally exhausting—especially for organizations dealing with an expansive breadth and depth of data. 

Here’s how Acceldata Torch leverages advanced machine learning and AI to accelerate data quality policy and rule creation.

Start with an Automated Profile of Your Data Asset

Creating quality rules for a data asset—especially one with several hundred columns of data—is almost impossible without the proper context. Acceldata Torch automatically profiles your data and delivers an interactive statistical summary. 

The intuitive charts and graphs in Acceldata Torch provide much-needed context for understanding your data. In addition, as we’ll see in the next section, profiling your data with Acceldata Torch establishes a baseline for efficiently creating data quality policies and rules.

Streamline Your Policy & Rule Creation Workflow with Data Quality Recommendations

After profiling your data, Acceldata Torch can begin making AI-powered recommendations to streamline the creation of data quality policies and rules. In the following example, Acceldata Torch recognizes that the data in the column should be binary (“yes” or “no”) and free from null values. Simply click on the recommended rule to add it to your data quality policy.

Null value is just one data quality rule definition that is available in Acceldata Torch. Depending on your data asset, Acceldata Torch may also recommend other data quality rules, such as:

  • Enumerations
  • Duplicates
  • Custom rules

What used to take hours of painstaking effort can now be done in just a few minutes—and with just a few clicks—in Acceldata Torch. 

Configuring your data quality policy to run on a predefined schedule is also easy. And, if you ever need to view, edit, or delete your data quality policy, you’re just a few clicks away.

Users can even opt to receive email or Slack notifications for rule execution events.

Meet Your New Data Quality Assistant

Tired of spending so much time configuring and managing data quality policies and rules? Request a free demo to find out how much time you and your team could save by implementing Acceldata Torch.

Continue reading about Acceldata Torch for data quality and reliability.

Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

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