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Proactively manage cost and usage to maximize data ROI

Optimize your spend, eliminate cost overruns, and maximize your data ROI.

Maximize data roiAccelerate innovationMinimize operational risk
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Optimize your cloud data platform spend

  • Use cost explorer and trend dashboards to track and analyze your spend and utilization

  • Eliminate waste by rapidly discovering ways to lower unexpected expenses by identifying overprovisioned and unused resources

  • Gain utilization insight using composable dashboards, and usage guardrails for Snowflake, Databricks, and more

Gain confidence in your spend plan

  • Use department/project level chargeback & budgeting to analyze contract plans, current and forecasted spending, with departmental tracking, budgeting, and cost allocation

  • Use spend forecasting to plan your contract, analyze current and projected spend analysis plus department-level tracking, budgeting, and chargeback

  • Using baselines to efficiently allocate funds to business entities

Detect anomalies, use guardrails and eliminate cost overruns

  • Detect unusual patterns such as cost spikes, prolonged jobs/queries and determine underlying causes

  • Identify missing or poorly configured safeguards to prevent or limit costly unintentional errors

  • Keep up with latest best practices and release notes, and validate your configurations to prevent cost or security concerns

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