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Acceldata Offers Flexibility and Cost Savings for Cloudera Customers


Acceldata, the market leader in data observability, today announced that it will offer an alternative option for legacy Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) / Cloudera Data Hub (CDH) customers. Cloudera has announced that it plans to suspend support for HDP/CDH on Sept. 30, 2022. This move will require legacy customers to upgrade in order to receive continued support from Cloudera.

Acceldata offers a flexible, cost-effective and highly optimized software and support solution that gives customers options to remain on premises or migrate to cloud data platforms of their choice. Acceldata provides an economical and simplified alternative to a forced migration and removes the need for organizations to go through the expensive process of rewriting data pipelines to work with the recent Cloudera release.

Acceldata’s software solution for long-term data platform independence delivers increased performance, reliability and cost savings. With Acceldata, customers can improve workload performance by 30-40% and save up to 70% on Cloudera support licenses with improved turnaround times for issue resolution.

“This forced migration is unsettling for the large number of companies that still run Hadoop on-premises. Acceldata’s software and service offers a win-win for legacy Cloudera customers as they are no longer locked in with a single vendor and now have the freedom to choose which options work best for them,” said Chandra Sharma, head of customer success, Acceldata. “By eliminating the need to update data pipelines, Acceldata’s data observability platform can significantly decrease cost and increase performance from what they had previously with Cloudera.”

Acceldata offers the following options:

  • Stay on-premises with your current Hadoop release, without the need of Cloudera support
  • Migrate to the cloud warehouse of your choice and use Acceldata’s insight into application workloads to increase adoption and align cloud warehouse performance, cost and value
  • Move to Apache open source confidently and be 100% vendor/distribution independent

Robi Axiata, one of the largest mobile network operators in Bangladesh, has become one of the most important telecommunications providers in Asia with nearly $1 billion in annual revenue and more than 50 million subscribers. The company operates a large, complex analytics environment, which runs on a six peta-byte data warehouse for insights into real-time customer events. Previously using Cloudera, Robi Axiata turned to Acceldata when it was experiencing frequent issues with its Hadoop-based data warehouse.

"With Cloudera, it took 3-6 weeks to perform root cause analysis for system issues, which was creating frustration and potentially causing damage to our customer relationships. But, with Acceldata, we are now completing our root cause analysis in only one minute,” said Mohammad Solaimun Rasel, VP, Platform Planning and Management Department, Robi Axiata Limited.

About Acceldata
Founded in 2018, Campbell, CA-based Acceldata has developed the world's first enterprise Data Observability Cloud to help enterprises transform their data systems from unreliable, hard-to-scale, and expensive to stable, agile, and cost efficient. Acceldata's products have been embraced by global customers, such as Oracle, PubMatic, PhonePe (Walmart), Pratt & Whitney, and many more. Investors in Acceldata include Insight Partners, March Capital, Lightspeed, Sorenson Ventures, and Emergent Ventures.
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