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Stop serving "bad data"

Unrivaled data observability solution for data providers

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Ensuring Data Success: Providing Complete and Quality Data

As a data provider, your success depends on providing complete and quality data to your customers. Given today's complex data environments, you've likely experienced how bad data can 'tax' your business in the form of:
Customer churn & lost revenue
Expensive data management costs
Poor team productivity & reactionary decision making
Compliance violations

Data Providers Manage Very Complex Data Landscape

1000s of data sources

Each source with different aspects of data quality

Complex data pipelines

Ingest and transform data into data products for consumers

Reputation & customer satisfaction

Avoiding customer churn, regulatory & SEC fines, civil penalties and lawsuits
Monitor data quality from ingestion source to final data product - across data in motion, data at rest, and data for consumption
Compute optimization to ensure data operations are optimally utilized and running with high processing speed
Data management costs are reduced by eliminating overruns, implementing guardrails & best practices, accurate dept. chargebacks, and forecasting and budgeting
Monitor data pipeline performance to ensure they are running smoothly without breaking or slowing down

Data Providers Require Data Observability Solutions

Acceldata Delivers Comprehensive Insights Across Your Data Supply Chain

Acceldata meets you where you are in your data journey - on premise, in the cloud, hybrid

Leverage data observability across your entire data stack, enabling you to 'shift left'

Platform ensures reusability, performance and scalability

Multi-layered architecture for complex deployments and security constraints

Higher and more immediate ROI then DIY or ETL-based technology

Our Customers

Acceldata Data Observability Cloud is proven in the most demanding environments. Among our customers are some of the top banks in the world, some of the top telcos in the world and the top data providers in the world.

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