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Product Updates

Acceldata Torch 1.2.1 - Now Available

February 3, 2022
10 Min Read

We’re proud to announce the GA release of Acceldata Torch 1.2.1, our data quality and reliability platform that enables data teams to scale across the entire data pipeline, from ingestion to consumption.

Here’s a list of new features in this release. Documentation links are provided, and we encourage you to visit our documentation website to learn more about other features and elements of the Acceldata Data Observability platform.

  • Added a New Sub-Strategy for Partition Based Incremental Strategy: Torch supports a new sub-strategy for partition based incremental strategy. This allows you to add three partition columns based on day, month and year to determine the bounds for selecting data from the data source. For more information, see Partition based Strategy.
  • Support to specify the result location at Asset Level: Torch now allows you to configure the storage location of policy results at asset level in the Asset Settings window. For more information, see Persistence Path Settings.
  • Support to specify a Warning Threshold in the Policy Creation window: You can now add a Warning Threshold while configuring a policy in the Create Policy Window. This allows you to classify the policy result status as a WARNING. For more information, see Rule Definitions.
  • Support for adding Tags to Policies: You can now tag policies in the Info tab of the Create Policy window. For more information, see Info tab.
  • Support to view user information of Policies: Torch now displays the user information of all policies in the Data Quality window. For more information, see Viewing Policies.
  • Support for selecting Database/Schema while creating Data Source Connections: You can now select databases/schema to crawl while creating a data source connection in the Create Data Source window, for the data sources such as, Hive, HBase, MemSQL, Oracle, Presto, Kafka, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Athena, Redshift, Snowflake, DB2, Clickhouse and AWS Glue. For more information, see the respective data source in Creating Data Sources.
  • Added Horizontal Scroll Bar to Sample Data: You can now scroll the sample data of an asset horizontally in the Sample Data window. For more information, see Asset Details Sample Data Tab.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out additional information about Torch, Torch integrations, and other aspects of Acceldata’s Data Observability platform.

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