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Employee Spotlight: Tej Madaiah, Senior Manager, Customer Success

Can you share your career journey?

I have been very fortunate to have had a wide variety of industry experiences across sectors, including airlines, banking, insurance, financial services, manufacturing R&D, media operations, and now data analytics. 

Tej Madaiah enjoying some time away from the office

After learning a structured services approach early in my career, I eventually moved into project, program, and portfolio management. My tenure in the R&D space gave me an opportunity to manage the PMO for the entire business division. Media support operations allowed me to manage the enterprise tools, and capabilities along with IT service management systems. This helped me to instinctively step in and take ownership of reengineering the business methods. This also enabled me to integrate the service management portfolio of the startup I had joined. 

What is your role at Acceldata?

I joined Acceldata as a program manager to help establish the internal support tools and processes, along with the other site-level initiatives that a product engineering program management organization requires. I’ve been at Acceldata for a little over a year now, and I continue to offer support to operations and its roadmap enablement. 

What are some of the things you’ve noticed about our leadership team? 

I am inspired by the journey of our founders. Their passion for building great data products is what drives Acceldata, and all of us who are part of it. They have identified a need for data reliability, and data quality, and the market is responding with great avidity. It feels great to be part of this emanating journey. 

What do you feel about the company culture of Acceldata? 

There is an internal synergy and sense of collaboration at Acceldata that really looms. Each day the concerted effort of our people shapes an ever-improving organizational culture, and we continuously work toward making it more enriching and rewarding. 

Do you have a personal motto?

"Keep it simple". Operating in a simpler way is the best approach to life and work. Another motto I got is one from my mentors, "Every issue has a solution, you just need to have an open mind to find it". These two proverbs have helped me find better answers to almost every knackering situation.

If you weren't doing this, what kind of a job would you have? 

I’m from Coorg (the land of bravehearts), which has brought forward many great soldiers in India. This had a major impact on me at a very young age to join the armed forces. Because of that, I think I would have been a proud soldier in the Indian army, had I not chosen a career in the corporate world, which has been equally fulfilling and enriching.  

What’s a fun fact about people may not know

I sometimes watch movies that have backfired at the box office. Some of the so-called box-office misses are actually gems. Someone has to show some love to these movies. I also have a real soft spot for rescued dogs and help adopt when I can. I also occasionally enjoy working with acrylic on canvas too. 

Where’s your favorite place in the world? 

My zen place is Leh and Ladakh. The serenity, the peace, and the tranquility one encounters are beyond words. The silence and the beauty of the valley encapsulate you and cleanse you. I would love to go back any day.

What is your favorite TV show/movie ? 

All SciFi and intergalactic movies. I can watch them just about any time and rewatch some of my favorites many times over.  

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