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Why Business Leaders Struggle to Build Data-Driven Enterprises

April 6, 2022
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In a recent feature with InsideBIGDATA, Acceldata’s VP or Growth, Loretta Jones, offers a fresh perspective on how modern enterprises understand their data. Specifically, she looks at all aspects of the data stack and how different data elements need to work together to create effective, reliable data pipelines. Jones points to the challenges faced by business teams who seek to combine operational data from multiple sources and create complete data observability.

“…data observability allows businesses to keep an eye on processes that are crucial for business continuity, and identify problems and root causes before these issues become too complex or too expensive to solve. Organizations can reduce downtime, identify trends, and build a data-first foundation for decision making.”

The most effective way to solve for these data problems is to apply a multidimensional data observability solution that addresses the overall issues of data complexity. It makes the state of your data, the systems that support your data, and the systems that transform your data, more observable, at any point across its time or data lifecycle. This offers the ability to identify and understand, in context, and from all data sources, what is happening with enterprise data. This includes the status and health of data processing, data quality and reliability, blockages and interruptions in data pipelines, and costs and economic factors of operating data pipelines.

Read more of Jones’ thoughts on the topic of reducing complexity in data operations, and specifically how business teams can build a true data-driven enterprise.

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