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Acceldata Wins Frost & Sullivan 2021 North American Data Observability Technology Innovation Leadership Award

January 27, 2022
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Acceldata is honored to be recognized by strategy and research firm, Frost & Sullivan, as the sole recipient of the 2021 North American Data Observability Technology Innovation Leadership Award for the innovative excellence of our data observability platform. The award highlights the work that Acceldata is doing to help enterprises of all sizes to achieve operational excellence, innovation agility, and higher returns on their data initiatives. We’re grateful to be acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan for the work we’re doing to optimize modern data systems.

Our goal has always been to provide the most comprehensive visibility and insights into data environments. For us, it isn’t enough to just provide a layer over data; rather, we recognized that data engineers are critical to the efficacy of data systems, and we sought to give them the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently, and at scale. We have been guided in these efforts with a focus on making existing data discoverable, identifying and eliminating dark and redundant data, and shifting cold data to low-cost storage.

Frost & Sullivan evaluates multiple vendors for each award category, and they are rigorous in their research. Their process goes beyond tire-kicking; rather, they take an extremely detailed look under the hood to uncover the technology foundation of products, the applicability to relevant use cases, their usability, and the efficacy at delivering on a solution’s promise. 

Frost & Sullivan based their findings on key criteria that includes:

  • Commitment to Innovation and Creativity, which addresses how a vendor has broken through among the competition to deliver a truly unique, best-in-class solution.
  • Customer Acquisition and Commercialization Success. This speaks to how a company works with customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle. It identifies how a company uses its solution to address actual customer needs, and how attentive it is to evolving the solution as customer needs change.
  • Human Capital and Growth Potential is about the executive leadership and ability of the company to innovate, scale, and grow.

Considering their approach, we’re especially appreciative that Frost & Sullivan identified a few key areas in which they feel the Acceldata Multidimensional Data Observability Cloud stood apart from other vendors on the market. Arjun Mehta, a Frost & Sullivan analyst, said, “Acceldata’s data observability platform took a leap ahead of conventional observability platforms by providing valuable insights and automation to data engineering team for predicting future behavior of data. The platform enables a holistic approach by giving visibility into all data sets, systems, and processes.” 

The award report points out Acceldata’s ability to deliver visibility into all data sets, systems, and processes to enable a holistic approach while enabling cost savings. It makes clear that at the heart of the solution is the ability for data engineers and data operations teams to understand the health and state of data, at all times, in all states. Frost & Sullivan point out, “Compared to conventional big data solutions that fail to give data engineers control over data systems, Acceldata’s state-of-the-art observatory platform provides a holistic approach to data engineers by giving them end-to-end visibility and control into all data sets, systems, and processes.”

Modern data architectures are a complex mix of on-premises and cloud services. Identifying and isolating issues is more challenging than ever, and Frost & Sullivan went to great lengths to demonstrate how Acceldata is addressing these challenges. In their eyes, it’s impossible to detect data-related issues that can impact the business unless there is a multidimensional view of data which is optimized to isolate root causes and fix problems fast. 

We appreciate the recognition from Frost & Sullivan and are energized, more than ever, to continue leading the effort to give data engineers and data operations a major advantage with the help of multidimensional data observability.

We invite you to read the complete report.

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