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Gain real-time insights for optimal decision-making

Prevent outages, optimize your operations, and achieve excellence.

Maximize data roiAccelerate innovationMinimize operational risk
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Prevent data platform outages

  • Quickly identify the source of an issue with alerts and contextual drill-downs in actionable interactive dashboards

  • Leverage native automated actions to remediate issues

  • Use monitors, alerts, notifications, trends, and triggers for faster resolution

Optimize using best practices

  • Use recommendations for optimizing resource allocation, performance tuning, and data organization based on past usage patterns and established best practices

  • Always-on monitoring and performance analytics helps adhere to configuration and governance best practices

  • Continuously identify and address storage and compute inefficiencies related to cost, performance, and security

Achieve operations excellence

  • Maintain a constant, comprehensive view of workloads and swiftly locate the origin of performance issues in your cloud data platform

  • Use recommendations to take rapid action on identified issues, as well as the capability to automate actions for resolving the issues

  • Scale data warehouse using recommendations based on extensive analysis of historical workload patterns

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