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The Data Engineering Podcast w/ Tristan Spaulding

March 18, 2022
10 Min Read

Acceldata’s Head of Product, Tristan Spaulding, was recently featured on The Data Engineering Podcast. In this episode, Tristan explains the concept of data observability and how it’s used in modern data environments, but he emphasizes the multidimensional approach that Acceldata takes to the massive problem of data visibility.

Our view, as Tristan explains is that to truly operationalize data and derive maximum value from it, a holistic approach to understanding the computational and logical elements that power your analytical capabilities is required. He goes on to explain the need for data teams to operate with accurate information about their data at all times. The focus, however, cannot just be on observation or optimization. Rather, it needs to function with continuous observation, operation, and optimization capabilities, enhanced with automation and machine learning. Only then can data teams get the most benefit from their data sources and pipelines.

Tristan goes on to demonstrate the value achieved when reliable data pipelines are supported with the power of the ML models they unlock.  And this makes navigating the “Modern Data Stack”, the shift to cloud, and – lest we forget – the decades of investment in legacy data / ETL platforms, one of the single most critical battlegrounds for data professionals today.

Learn more in this podcast, “Taking A Multidimensional Approach To Data Observability At Acceldata.”

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