True Corporation scales open-source platform and saves $3M+/year with Acceldata

True Corporation is a multinational digital technology company based Thailand. With solutions in artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics, it is a digital transformation enabler for consumers, merchants, enterprises and the wider Southeast Asian economy.


True Corporation's data systems handle more than 500M+ user impressions/month, while streaming approximately 69,000 messages/second.

To support an ever-increasing volume of users and activity, the data operations team manages a 100+ node, 8+ petabyte technical environment based on Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Ranger, and Kafka open-source HDP (Horton Dataworks Platform).


True Corporation had extensive data system performance issues that regularly left 50% of ingested data unprocessed. In addition, the data operations team had limited visibility into their data pipelines and found themselves constantly fighting multiple Sev 1 issues that caused system slowdowns and unplanned outages.

Business Impact

Since the data ops team spent a good portion of time focused on reliability issues and managing daily system performance, they had limited ability to scale and optimize their data infrastructure to meet expanding business requirements.

True Corporation hoped to resolve some of their issues by purchasing additional software licenses and hardware to improve system performance.

Unfortunately, the increased spending didn’t lead to any significant improvement in data system performance, reliability, or visibility. True Corporation still struggled to reliably deliver key analytics and intelligence to business users across the company.


True Corporation worked with Acceldata to isolate bottlenecks and automate performance improvements.

Acceldata helped identify unnecessary data to ensure the 8PB+ data lake could reliably support all critical enterprise analytics requirements. Acceldata Pulse enabled True Digital to reduce time required to produce critical daily business reports and eliminate unplanned outages for over seven months (and counting). 

Acceldata also optimized HDFS storage by approximately 25% which allowed True Corporation to expand system capacity without expanding infrastructure, saving the company $1M+ in projected capex. In addition to the capex savings, Acceldata reduced True Corporation's annual software costs by $2M+ by identifying overprovisioned and unnecessary software licenses.

Acceldata’s tools fixed our analytics pipeline issues, improved visibility into our data systems, and recommended ways to scale and optimize our systems to meet future requirements. They helped True Corporation transition to open-source technologies, allowing us to reduce licensing costs, while delivering mission-critical analytics across the enterprise.”

Wanlapa Linlawan

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