Rethink Data Quality

Bad data leads to bad business decisions. Torch validates data from any data asset supported on the hybrid data catalog, including all across databases files and streaming data

Validate Every Data Asset

Flexible Rule configuration

Ensure data quality from source to sink. Torch measures and compares data quality across all dimensions: accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, validity, and uniqueness.


Compare Data Assets

Automatically validate ETL flows

Torch continuously compares data assets and breaks bad data flows to eliminate errors, delays, and costly backfills.

Works with All your Data sources

Connect to any data source, on cloud or in data centers

Torch supports data sources across AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Hadoop, file systems, RDBMS, streaming systems and Snowflake


Built to scale

Scale to millions of rows

Torch is built to scale. No matter how big your data, Torch will help it meet your KPIs

Define your own Business Rules

Data quality rules for your business domain 

Torch allows you to create your business rules based on business needs. Choose from hundreds of pre-defined rules and add your own.

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