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Data Reliability

Acceldata Torch automates data quality and reliability at scale. Enterprise data teams use Torch to ensure all data is accurate, complete, and timely data throughout the entire data pipeline, from ingestion to consumption.

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Data Risk

Eliminate data downtime

Monitor data across hybrid data lakes and warehouses to ensure high data quality and reliability.

Data Use

Scale data use

Ensure high-quality data availability for mission-critical analytics and AI workloads.

Data Waste

Automate data validation

Classify, catalog, and automate business rules for data at rest and data in motion.

Acceldata Torch uses advanced machine learning and AI to automate data quality and reliability for enterprise data systems, regardless of scale, number of sources, and complexity of data types and structures.

Go beyond data monitoring

Acceldata Torch ensures data reliability and quality across, algorithms, models, features, and sources.

  • Automate taxonomy of sensitive, similar, and related data assets
  • Reconcile data in motion and during cloud migrations
  • Detect schema and data drift to improve dynamic data handling and maintain ML and AI accuracy
Data Monitoring

Self-service data discovery, exploration, and validation

Acceldata Torch provides a one-stop-shop for data discovery to accelerate the pace of innovation.

  • Discover data quickly with a self-service data catalog
  • Explore data profiles and metadata quickly and easily from a single pane of glass
  • Improve data trust by increasing data transparency and creating data community
Data Discovery

Intelligent data reliability at scale

Acceldata Torch scales data reliability with machine learning-based automation.

  • Context: Use ML-based classification, clustering, and association to improve context and identify redundancy
  • Productivity: Use ML-driven data quality recommendations to increase accuracy, coverage, and efficiency
  • Scale: Automate data governance for large data environments, whether on-prem, hybrid, or in the cloud
Data Governance

“Automating data reliability and improving data access through our Data Observability Cloud will create powerful data network effects. Enterprises can support significantly more data use cases and data consumers, while accelerating their data-driven transformation.”

Rohit Choudhary

Rohit Choudhary

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Acceldata

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