Take Control of your Data Platform

Take advantage of current data investments

Acceldata helps optimize your current Big Data environment. Our Data Observability platform can help save money and dramatically improve data ROI.

Acceldata Pulse aligns data investments and business strategy and ensures your multi-vendor database environment supports critical business operations.

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Automation-Based Support

Making sure that your business-critical applications run smoothly, meet customer performance expectations AND fall within the constraints of your budget can be daunting.

Big Data environments are key components to ensuring success for data-driven businesses. With many enterprises moving to the cloud, it’s more important than ever to make sure you maximize your environment while minimizing costs.


Great Hadoop Support is Just The Start

Excellent support starts with a knowledgeable team. Comprehensive tools assist you in pinpointing the root cause immediately – be they workload performance, HBase memory allocation, Kafka blindness, or configuration issues.  Acceldata provides the team and the tools to keep your environment up and you in the know.



Advantage Acceldata

End-to-End Pipeline Visibility

  • Observe every stage of your data pipeline, from ingestion to consumption.
  • Code, tech, storage, compute, cloud – all delivered with business context.

Hadoop and Non-Hadoop

  • Increase reliability and improve performance tracking
  • View issues on Hadoop or non-Hadoop components seamlessly
  • Identify rogue processes and configurations issues for quick review

Cost-Effective Support

  • More than 95% of platform issues are not bugs. Configurations, education, Hadoop tech and non-Hadoop tech are common root causes
  • Acceldata addresses issues and provides rapid workarounds to bugs.

Reduce Open Source Big Data costs today

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