Pulse Data Operations

Catch and remedy problems before they turn into outages

Alerting and Automations Reimagined 

Data Engineers, Analysts and Data Scientists spend hours and days fire fighting . Find and resolve issues before they become incidents, automatically remedy incidents before they become outages.

End to End Alerts

Alerts on Infrastructure, Applications, Data and Logs

Create alerts on any metric at every level of the data stack. Pulse tracks thousands of metrics and allows each one of them to be used in Alert definitions. 

Alert Studio

Sift through the metric noise to create Alerts most important to your team

Hit the Ground running

Pulse ships with the most important alert definitions out of the box 

Get access to Alerts created by the Acceldata team through the free Alerts Marketplace


Every Metric Documented

Inline help and documentation

Not sure what a certain metric means? Access the inline documentation portal which has definitions for every metric Pulse captures.

Automatically Fix Problems

Use Pulse to automate regular tasks

Pulse ships with an advanced automation engine which allows your team to concentrate on the business and not on maintenance. 

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