Continue your open source journey and deliver value 

Avoid Proprietary vendor-specific solutions that hurt your business agility. 

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Open source without vendor Lock-in

Rapid adoption of open source without vendor lock-in

Pursue Cost Efficient Open Source Strategies without Vendor Lock-In. Take advantage of the most advanced technologies, no vendor dependency required.

Acceldata’s Data Observability platform allows you to scale and optimize your open source Big Data platform, while minimizing vendor support costs.

Acceldata eliminates vendor lock-in by providing unbiased expertise in multi-vendor environments. Our experience with foundational open source technologies, such as Spark, Hive, and Kafka, means we know how to optimize existing solutions, while reducing costs, improving ROI, and supporting agility..

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Hybrid Operations


Choosing between community edition or commercial support, hybrid or cloud, often comes down to long-term costs, complexity and criticality of deployments.

Acceldata ensures your solutions fit your environment and business needs, and you’re never locked into proprietary solutions that may be sub-optimal.


Reduce Open Source Big Data costs today

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