Data systems and data pipelines don’t have to be opaque and complex. The Acceldata Data Observability platform enables everyone on your team to become a data engineer. Acceldata provides the tools to immediately identify and fix problems in the data pipeline.

Monitoring is not Observability

Complex data systems overload us with metrics. Creating line charts to track metrics is overwhelming. Acceldata reduces noise and provides insights to your data team and allow them to fix them in realtime.


Observability is Knowledge

Make your systems explainable

Improve understandability by exposing the inner workings of complex data pipelines. Pulse captures every execution, telemetry data from all layers and allows you to know what changed and how that change impacted SLAs.

Observability is Simplicity

Acceldata reduces system noise. Stop wasting time with meaningless Grafana dashboards and line charts. Focus on deep insights which matter the most.


Data Observability is Acceldata

“Observability” is being able to fully understand our systems. In control theory, observability measures how well internal system states can be inferred from evaluating external outputs.

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