Torch - Observability for data.

Data accuracy to succeed in the Data Driven world

Your business needs data validation

Acceldata Torch accelerates data discovery across Hybird Data-lakes and Data-warehouses & Streaming data sources.
Torch ensures the accuracy of mission-critical, consumable data-sets through continuous, automated Data Quality Validation.


Observe Data Quality

Sift through hundreds of data-sets to find outliers

Automatically detect anomalous data-sets and rectify data outages. 

End-to-end Automated Data Quality Monitoring

Too many rules with too many scripts? Not anymore! Torch delivers continuous automated data quality monitoring.

Pre-emptive Detection

Recommended Interventions

Stop spending time looking through complex ETL Jobs to identify the source of broken data quality. Visually identify & rectify the business process that needs tuning.  


Fundamentally different

Operationalized Quality

Pulse connectors integrate natively into hybrid and on-premise data-lakes and data-warehouses. It’s all in one centralized location.

Unified Data Catalog

Community usage verified 

Use the data that needs to be used. Always accurate, certified by usage and users, to get the best results on Day 0. 

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