Pulse - Observability for Data Applications

Modern data systems are complex and demand integrated observability. 
Pulse provides real-time intelligence across all observability needs.

Build your workflows, extend alerts for business requirements with algorithmic anomaly detection, recommendations and automation to keep your data systems performant, secure & reliable.  

Monitor and Analyze Critical Jobs

Sift through hundreds of jobs to find outliers

Find and analyze the exact jobs and users impacting your SLAs. Pulse maintains entire application history.

No More Line Charts

Too many dashboards with too many charts? Not anymore! Pulse delivers critical intelligence to efficiently to debug applications.

Take Guesswork out of the Equation

Root cause analysis

Stop wasting time searching for logs to find errors; Pulse highlights issues for you in an easy, searchable format. Reduce MTTR from hours to minutes with advanced root cause analysis and error correlation, receive custom recommendations tailored for your system.


Dive Deeper than ever Before

Deep instrumentation

Pulse connectors integrate natively into data engines and extract data which simply can’t be accessed with a standard APM. 

Unified Command Centre


Create your own Pulse experience to manage all of your data systems with a powerful Javascript- based dashboard builder. 

Intuitive, simple and easy to extend. Great companion to the #DevOps team.


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