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Trusted by data engineering and analytics teams worldwide
True Corp
True Corp

Everything you need to observe, operate, and optimize modern data systems

  • Predicts and helps fix operational issues before they impact business outcomes
  • Correlates events across data, compute, and pipeline layers
  • Prevents cost overruns, unreliable data, and bad business decisions
Data Observability means extreme reliability, performance, and data engineering team productivity


Data engineering productivity


Application development


Data-related incidents


Application development costs

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Compute Performance Monitoring

  • Predict, prevent, and
    resolve incidents
  • Simplify configuration, tuning,
    and scaling
  • Optimize costs and resources

Data Reliability

  • Predict, prevent, and resolve data quality issues
  • Automate data reliability across hybrid data lakes and warehouses
  • Detect data, conceptual, and schema drift automatically

Data Pipeline Observability

  • Track data journey from origin to consumption
  • Increase pipeline efficiency
    and reliability
  • Align business and data strategies

Acceldata advantages

Our data observability platform provides real-time operational intelligence to support mission-critical AI and analytics workloads. We help enterprises scale pipelines, regardless of platform or cloud environment.

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Deep analytic insight

Go beyond troubleshooting to predict and prevent issues before they occur.

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Comprehensive data performance

Drive data reliability, agility, and efficiency across technology systems.

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Built for scale

Scale effortlessly by taming volume, variety, and complex issues associated with growing.

What Acceldata customers are saying

Ashwin Prakash

PubMatic Data Analytics Engineering Leader

PubMatic optimizes performance and cost at massive scale

"Acceldata provided the data observability tools and expertise to improve our data pipeline reliability. They helped us optimize HDFS performance, consolidate Kafka clusters, and reduce cost per ad impression, which is one of the most critical performance metrics.”

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Burzin Engineer - Founder of PhonePe

Burzin Engineer

Founder & Chief Reliability Officer, PhonePe

PhonePe scales open-source data platform by 13x, saves $5m+/year

"Acceldata supports our hyper-growth and helps us manage one of the world’s largest instant payment systems. PhonePe’s biggest-ever data infrastructure initiative would never have been possible without Acceldata."

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Wanlapa Linlawan, True Digital Analytics Platform Head

Wanlapa Linlawan

Head of Analytics Platform,
True Corporation

True Digital scales open-source platform and reduces costs by $2M+

"Acceldata’s tools fixed our analytics pipeline issues, improved visibility into our data systems, and recommended ways to scale and optimize our systems to meet future requirements. They helped True Digital transition to open-source technologies, allowing us to reduce licensing costs, while delivering mission-critical analytics across the enterprise.”

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