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Data Pipeline

Acceldata Flow instruments complex data pipelines and ensures data reliability across hybrid data lakes and warehouses.

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Track data journeys from origin to consumption

Monitor data across hybrid data lakes and warehouses to ensure high data quality and reliability.

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Increase pipeline efficiency and reliability

Predict and resolve issues before they impact performance.

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Align business and data strategies

Ensure timely data delivery so that AI and analytics pipelines always meet business requirements

Acceldata Flow helps trace enterprise data journeys from lineage to business impact.

Eliminate data pipeline downtime

Acceldata Flow ensures that every data transaction, handshake, and transformation is reliable for hybrid data lakes and warehouses at scale.

  • Monitor SLAs/SLOs and identify anomalies easily and instantly
  • Track key resource metrics from underlying cloud and compute systems
  • Monitor data schemas, distributions, and business events
Predict and prevent incidents

Optimize data engineering workflows and productivity

Automate data pipeline instrumentation and generate high fidelity data for transformations, data movement, and replication.

  • Identify and troubleshoot data pipeline issues instantly
  • Create custom business events and log business-specific data
  • Integrate with popular ETL tools out-of-the-box
Accelerate data consumption

Align data pipelines and business objectives

Optimize data pipeline performance to meet expanding business requirements.

  • Reduce data pipeline costs by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks
  • Optimize data pipeline performance for resource, cost, and time
  • Automate operations to manage thousands of data pipelines with fewer resources
Optimize capacity

“Data pipelines are like modern supply chains for digital information. When they break, business grinds to a halt. Acceldata Flow eliminates data pipeline downtime by ensuring reliable data transactions, handshakes, and transformations in hybrid data lake and data warehouse environments.”

Rohit Choudhary

Ashwin Rajeev

Co-Founder & CTO, Acceldata

Flow integrates with your most critical data systems

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