Data quality at scale

Hundreds of Data sources, thousands of columns. No Problem. Torch can validate a million rows in 8 seconds flat*






Turn any data in any source: DBMS Tables/Columns, DWH, S3 Files, Kafka Topics into Data assets. Search and discover assets. Share and collaborate with your team. Data assets are the heart of the Torch data validation framework. 


Discover what’s in your data. Profiling allows you to look through millions of records in seconds using sampling methods and descriptive statistics. Profiling allows you to discover business knowledge embedded in the data itself.  


Use Acceldata's Torch UI to configure validation policies on a single data asset or on a combination of assets. Use the Torch API to schedule policies to run at a pre-defined time.


Run data validations from the Torch UI, APIs, or schedules. Torch’s data engine can look through millions of records across data warehouses in seconds. Get detailed reports and data scorecards for each run.  

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