Case Study

Robi Axiata Reduces Root Cause Analysis from Weeks to Under One Minute

“Whenever we confronted an issue, it would take three to six weeks to recognize the root cause. With Acceldata, that turned into less than a minute.”
Mohammad Solaimun Rasel, VP, Platform Planning & Management @ Robi Axiata

About Robi Axiata Limited

Robi Axiata Limited (“Robi”) is Bangladesh’s second largest mobile network operator and a key provider of 4.5G services. Robi serves beyond 54 million subscribers across the country’s 64 districts. Robi leads the 4G market in the industry with 50.9% of its total subscribers being 4G users. Around 75.5% of Robi’s subscriber base are data subscribers, and67.3% of data users are 4G users. Naturally, Robi’s 4Gleadership has translated into leadership in the digital innovation domain in the industry.

  • Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Bandladesh's second largest mobile network operator and 4.5G service provider.
  • Focus is on big data and AI/ML, enabling Robi to provide exceptional service to its customers.


  • Troubleshooting issues on massive amounts of data (6-petabytes) was painstaking and not efficient.
  • Prolonged delays impacted customer satisfaction causing a dent to Robi's brand image in the market.
  • Robi attempted to carry out monitoring solution provided by the data platform, but failed to make any tangible progress on RCA.


Acceldata Pulse alerted Rasel's team with a bona-fide solution for monitoring key consistuents of the system infrastructure, such as CPU, memory, and database health.

In addition to customer alerts, Acceldata Pulse supplied dozens of stock alerts for: MemSQL, Impala, HDFS, Spark, Kafka, Zoo Keeper, Hive, MapReduce, Host, LLAP, and HBase.


  • Robi's DBA team can now identify RCA within a minute.
  • Helps DBAs examine scenes swiftly and successfully perform root cause analysis
  • Acceldata will continue to play an important role in Robi's big data journey.

Key Takeaway

Troubleshooting issues on Robi's massive 6-petabyte database required continuous, and time consuming work by Robi’s data team. Acceldata Pulse alerting equipped Robi Axiata' team with a bona-fide solution for monitoring key constituents of the system infrastructure, such as CPU, memory, and database health. Robi’s DBA team now relies on alert notifications from Acceldata to stay prepared for any possible issues.

The Acceldata Solution

Acceldata Pulse delivers improved reliability, performance, and efficiency of data processing at scale.

  • Predict & Prevent Incidents
  • Scale Performance
  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs
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